Billy R. Hoard

Billy R. Hoard, MCP's Chief Executive Officer, founded the company in January of 1988 after 20 years of experience in manufacturing at Schering-Plough, Speer Products, Maybelline, and Lucky Heart Cosmetics. For many years, Billy managed plant-wide operations from compounding to packaging to warehousing, giving him the experience needed to entrepreneur his own business, and the savvy to nurture its growth into a major player in US manufacturing and retail.

Shannon H. Kee

Shannon H. Kee is the daughter of Billy Hoard. She joined the family business in December of 2004, after gaining experience in both personal and corporate financial advising at such companies as William Howard & Co. Financial Advisors and FedEx. She has an MBA in Finance and Economics from Christian Brothers University in Memphis and serves as MCP's President. Shannon shares a personal goal with her dad to continue to grow the family business and leave a legacy for her children.

John R. Brown

John Brown came to MCP in 1998 with a background in the regulated EPA and FDA industries. He brings broad experience in manufacturing of a range of products from surface disinfectants to topical and internal drug products. As Executive Vice President of MCP, he directs an adept staff of managers and technicians to both create and produce innovative products and leads our internal quality systems in a manner that is superior in the field of personal care and typical of those found in the pharmaceutical industry.